any brokers find private money loans can be a substantial source of new revenues in addition to conventional lending institutions. Hard money is an excellent vehicle for your borrowers who are purchasing investment properties or who have unique situations that banks find unacceptable. You can be fully involved in the process or take a more hands off approach. Whichever way you choose to handle your customers is up to you.

Brokers participate in over 75% of our loans and are paid through escrow at the close of the loan. The majority of our brokers do multiple loans with us and in many cases with the same borrowers. La Costa Loans is a direct lender and we are able to make decisions and fund quickly saving our brokers valuable time.

  • Commissions

    Paid at close of escrow
    Negotiated between you and your borrower
    Paid to licensed NMLS sales people and brokers
  • Requirements to Close Loan

    Signed LOI
    Purchase contract
    Rehab list
    Preliminary Title
    Non Owner Occupied form
    1003 Loan application
    Site visit
    Exit strategy
    Credit report
    Proof of insurance

Getting Started

It can be as simple as providing an address with the purchase price & rehab costs or you can forward an entire package. We will generate an LOI with your fee’s and our terms and conditions for review. Once the borrower signs the LOI we move into action and typically fund 14 days from the receipt of all requested information or sooner.