Make La Costa Loans Your Source for Hard Money Loans!


ased in San Diego, California, La Costa Loans is a private money lender that originates, underwrites, funds and services short-term real estate loans for our clients. La Costa Loans specializes in non owner occupied purchases, refinances, commercial, short sales and REO properties with the ability to close quickly.

La Costa Loans’ private money provides short term financings ranging from $50,000 to $1,500,000 when traditional capital sources are unavailable, too slow or too costly. These short-term loans are used for both non owner occupied residential and income property for the purpose of acquisitions, flipping the collateral, seasoning the property for permanent financing, or providing cash-out. Additional collateral can be included to support the subject loan if necessary. These private money loan transactions are often less costly than equity partnerships, more flexible in underwriting the collateral and borrower than institutional debt, and quicker to close than institutional sources or private syndications. Find us on Mortgage Lenders, My Hard Money Lenders & Manta.



What is a Hard Money or Private Money loan?

Hard Money or Private Money Loans in the Real Estate world are loans for cash. They are funded by private individuals and are secured by Real Estate. These are loans that traditional lending institutions consider nonconforming due to the condition of the properties or the quick time framed required by the sellers to close the purchase.

Equity Partnerships Available!